When Elemy launched in 2020, our goal was to provide higher quality, more personalized care for children with autism. But as we grew from a handful of dedicated people to the team of thousands that we are today, serving families across the nation, our mission has evolved to meet the growing needs from our community.

Ultimately, our mission has not strayed far from its course. In fact, we’ve only deepened our dedication to providing children with the best care possible. Today, we are committed to providing life-changing behavioral and mental health care to every child who needs it.

In addition to autism, our care now supports children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and a range of behavioral disorders through pediatric psychiatry diagnostics and individualized therapy. Through this expansion, we can now help the 1 in 5 U.S. children affected by a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.

As we set out to expand our care, we knew it was also time to evolve our brand; we needed a new identity to match our deeply personal, individualized care. This week, we introduced the new Elemy to the world on our website and social channels. Our new identity is the culmination of conversations with all the pivotal partners in our community: parents, pediatricians, children, RBTs, BCBAs, psychologists, employees, and more.

This new brand gives us the language to express how deeply rooted relationships are in our care and in our ability to make every day better for families. And it all starts with our new logo, The Hug.

The Hug

The foundation of our care begins with the relationships our clinicians build with children and families. The interconnectivity also comes from the pediatricians and diagnosticians we partner with to the people behind the scenes at Elemy who help ensure the highest quality of care. These relationships bring clarity, hope, and optimism and the result is transformative for children. We couldn’t think of anything better to represent that bond than a hug. 

The hug is always a presentation of overlapping forms never perfect or the same, but always connected in ‘togetherness’. The forms evoke real life, real people, real struggles, and — when they join — real triumphs. After all, we are better together.

Real People, Real Life

You’ll also see you. We wanted the families and clinicians you see depicted across our ecosystem to remind you of your lived experience. You won’t find picture-perfect scenes of children seated across a desk from their therapist in a flawlessly arranged home. This isn’t what real life looks like for our families — or anyone with kids. 

Instead, you’ll see real-life. We’ll take you through the front door and show you what life with our care really looks like. It’s candid, natural, and sometimes messy or surprising. But it’s always authentic and relatable.

The Journey Line

In working with families every day, we realized that every path, like every child, was completely unique. Paths, or journeys, are often represented as a straight line, but any caregiver of a child with mental or behavioral health needs can tell you that the journey is rarely straightforward. 

Journeys may take twists and turns or even change directions before working their way back forward. Progress is not always linear. But we don’t get discouraged or abandon course. We persist forward, together. 

To represent this journey, we show a line that’s progressing but sometimes non-linear across our visuals. The organic journey line represents the path we will walk down hand in hand.

When the path feels winding, know that Elemy’s clinicians have walked this route thousands of times before and we will get through this together.

Welcome to the new Elemy.