In 2022, there is a wide selection of books on autism available to educate and inspire readers. Whether you are a young person with autism, a parent of a child with autism, or an adult striving to live independently with autism, many books have been written to educate and support those who are touched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Reading books on autism can help anyone affected by the disorder — whether personally or as a caregiver — to better understand the condition, the daily challenges it presents, and how to recognize and develop the unique skills and strengths autism can produce.

The latest research findings, evidence-based interventions, and strategies for navigating everyday social situations are offered through autism literature. The best books on autism help to foster empathy and understanding about autism in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Books for Children With Autism

The American Psychological Association (APA) compiled a selection of books specifically for children with autism spectrum disorder. The books were written for varying age groups and provide insights about what it can be like living with ASD, as well as tips for how to feel more comfortable at school and in social situations.

APA recommends these books on autism for children and adolescents:

These additional books for children with autism are highly recommended and available on Amazon:

Books for Parents of Children With Autism

The selection of books for parents of children with autism is massive. Whether you are looking for information on the history of autism, personal accounts of living with autism, tips for how to help your child with ASD, or just to gain a better understanding about the extensive impacts of the disorder, there are hundreds of titles for you to choose from.

Here is a selection of Amazon’s best-selling parenting books on autism:

Academic & Research Books on Autism

For professionals and other individuals interested in the field of autism, academic books offer information on evidence-based interventions for children and adults with autism. Here is a selection of academic and research books on the subject of autism:

In addition to the above categories of books on autism, there are many others targeted for various audiences impacted by the disorder, such as adults living with autism, and siblings and friends of children with autism. A plethora of memoirs have also been written by successful individuals living with autism who wish to share their journey with other people affected by ASD.